What I wore: The sales edit

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore

What I Wore Wednesday: The sales edit featuring denim midi dress from Warehouse - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

Denim midi dress from Warehouse (currently in the sale) black velvet touch opaques from Primark, Lexi cat shoes from Asos (sadly no longer available) watch by Michael Kors, makeup including Perfect Reds lipstick in Scarlet Siren c/o Avon

 I spotted this denim midi dress from Warehouse a while ago but I really couldn’t justify the need for another denim dress in my wardrobe. But when I spotted it in the sale reduced from £55 to £18, it seemed too good a bargain to resist. Let’s face it, you can never have too many denim dresses and I love the midi length. I think it’s easy to be swayed towards things in the sale that you wouldn’t normally pick up and one thing I always ask myself is if I would have liked it at the full price and the answer to that is quite simply yes! So I would say this was savvy sales shopping!

It’s quite a plain dress with a nipped in waist and zipped back but has two deep side pockets (oh the joy!) It has long wide sleeves that I have rolled up slightly but it really is a perfect day dress. It was tricky to make it look like anything other than a denim sack in a photograph but you’ll just have to trust me on this one, it really is a lovely fit. The best thing about this dress for me though is that I can enjoy wearing it now but it will see me right into spring too. Come March time when I am brave enough to bare a little ankle, I think it will look gorgeous with my Air & Grace Bussey sneakers or my tan SaltWater sandals. I’m a big believer in making my wardrobe work as hard as possible for me these days and that means choosing clothes that work across the seasons. This dress is a perfect example of that.

I have had these Lexi cat shoes from Asos for ages and they never fail to make me smile. Of course, it goes without saying that they fall firmly into shoes-that-Mr-Mostly-doesn’t-understand category. He pulls a face whenever I wear them but what does he know? Ha! But whenever they appear on my Instagram feed, people always ask me about them so I can’t be the only crazy cat lady out there. I had a quick search on Asos to see if they still sell them but couldn’t find them I’m afraid!

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week? Have you picked up any bargains in the sales?

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5 thoughts on “What I wore: The sales edit

  1. helenlouisechandler says:

    Ooh, nice dress. Really suits you. Dammit. I did say I would have to stop reading your ‘what I wore’ posts if I’m to get through my buy nothing new year…xx

    Liked by 1 person

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