Rock Rose Gin up for review

Rock Rose Gin up for review on top UK blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

I was asked to review this amazing craft gin. Hey, it’s hard work but somebody has to do it, right? Those of you that know me will know that I am not a big drinker but I am a huge lover of gin. So I couldn’t wait to give this Rock Rose Gin a try!

Rock Rose Gin hails from the most northerly distillery in mainland UK. It comes from the wilderness of the far north of Scotland from the spectacular bay of Dunnet in Caithness where the botanicals are hand foraged on the cliffs and from the forest to create a truly unique gin. The distillery is run by a husband and wife team who carefully and slowly distill the gin by hand.

Rock Rose Gin up for review on top UK blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

It gets its name from the first botanical forage along the cliffs of Peatland First where they discovered the rhodiola rosea (a rose in the rocks) and the gin uses this ‘Rock Rose’ and a blend of local and traditional botanicals to create a unique taste from the Highlands of Scotland. This ‘Rock Rose’ was once pillaged by the Vikings who thought it would give them extra strength and if taken daily would make them live to 200 years old. Now, I don’t know if this applies to the gin too but I’d be willing to give it a try! Ha!

Rock Rose Gin up for review on top UK blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

Rose Rock Gin has received lots of awards and critical acclaim and most recently received the Gold Award for Best Gin at The Grocer Drink Awards. And having now tried it for myself, it is easy to see why. It really is an exceptionally nice gin. From the minute you open the bottle you are hit with the amazing botanicals and it makes for a really fresh, zesty drink. They also have seasonal editions of the gin with Winter currently available and a new recipe Spring Gin is set to launch next month so I will be keeping an eye out for that.

Rock Rose Gin is available now for just £34.00/700ml. You can find out more at

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*For the purpose of this review I was kindly provided with samples of Rock Rose Gin from Dunnet Bay Distillers 

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