What I Wore: The statement sleeves edit

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore

What I Wore Wednesday: The statement sleeves edit - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

Floral print dress from Mademoiselle R at La Redoute, black opaques from Marks and Spencer, black Coachella boots c/o Air and Grace, watch by Michael Kors, manicure in Rimmel Double Decker Red

Sleeves. Sleeves are everywhere at the minute. Floaty, ruffled, trumpet, balloon, flouncy, longer than your arms statement sleeves. You see, I look at them and have all the heart eyes then remember that I am the clumsiest person alive and just see an accident waiting to happen. I am bound to get myself trapped in a door or dip them in my coffee if not worse. And then of course there are the practicalities of how on earth do you stuff these great big sleeves inside your coat? Now I appreciate that this isn’t something that your average Instagram fashionista would give much thought to but I live in Yorkshire and let me tell you, February March is still very much Big Coat Weather up here. There is no shoulder robing around these parts. If I could get away with wearing a duvet on the school run, trust me I would.

I guess the very fact that my first thoughts are such practical ones, tells you just how fashionable I am. Yeah. Not very. If it poses health and safety risks and won’t fit under a big coat, then it just isn’t happening. Fashionable or not. But then I spotted this dress from La Redoute and thought, hmm that could work. Not the biggest of statement sleeves granted but just enough flounce to scratch that statement sleeve itch while not posing too much of a hazard and definitely being able to fit under my coat. It also has pockets. And you know how much I love a dress with pockets. Of course, I bought this dress at full price only for it to go into the sale soon after. Always the way, huh? I think there is something daft like 30% off right now. I am kicking myself as I type. But a word of warning if you are wanting to get your mitts on one, I found the sizing completely off. I am normally a size 10 or 12 from La Redoute and have bought lots of dresses from them before without any problems but this is a snug size 14. Not that it matters, as long as it fits it is only a label of course but it is just something to keep in mind if you were thinking of ordering.

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week? Have you tried the statement sleeve thing yet?

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One thought on “What I Wore: The statement sleeves edit

  1. helenlouisechandler says:

    That’s a lovely dress! I’m even worse than you, though, because I am permanently freezing cold, and I have to assess every dress for whether a vest will go under it and a cardi will go over it. If the answer is not, then it’s not happening. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can wear the 80% of my wardrobe which hasn’t seen light of day since October! x


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