What I Wore: The denim edit

What I wore: The denim edit - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

When I lost a couple of stone a few years ago, I went from having too many pairs of jeans to count to literally none. Not one pair fit me anymore. I was completely lost without jeans in my wardrobe and I soon set about finding the perfect jeans for my new size. That was easier said than done of course. Jeans are not always the cheapest of things and rebuilding your entire wardrobe from scratch is mightily expensive let me tell you. There were (and still are) advantages to having a smaller wardrobe though because it made me a much more savvy shopper. Having half the clothes I once had made me think more about how I could make any new outfits work twice as hard. So that might mean that they had to work with something I already had, or had to really earn their place in my wardrobe, you know? I might have had less clothes than ever but I loved just about everything I had.

In the end I found my perfect jeans from Boden and Gap. Always the darkest of dark indigo. Always skinnier than skinny. And I loved them so much that I wore them out before replacing them with the identical style in both indigo and black. Then last year I added a pair of khaki jeans and even a white pair for spring. Now, if you thought jeans shopping was hard, you should try shopping for white jeans. Holy moly. A whole new level of hell. But I got there in the end as you might remember in this post here.

But I seem to have an on-off love affair with jeans. I go from wearing nothing else to wearing everything but. Last summer, I wore dresses and skirts every single day. I found a new freedom in waking up to the fact that my legs might not be perfect but they’re nothing to be scared of. The whole legs out thing became really quite addictive and I found it very hard to put them away again at the end of summer. The thought of encasing them in denim made me feel really quite suffocated. So I stuck with dresses and skirts and added opaques instead. There was definitely something missing from my wardrobe though by ruling out jeans and I itched that scratch with a couple of denim dresses and a denim skirt.

So here we are now at the cusp of spring where it is nowhere near even warm enough to contemplate bare legs but opaques are starting to feel a bit stuffy. It was time to fall back in love with jeans again. And I seem to have done just that. You see, it seems that I was stuck in a bit of a denim rut with my safe dark skinnies. It wasn’t jeans that I had fallen out of love with after all it was just my boring old skinnies. So I started to have a proper look around with new denim hunting eyes and as much as I love the look of Mom jeans, I don’t think I could quite pull them off. But they felt in the right sort of direction being the complete opposite to my usual uniform of skinnies so I thought maybe I could try boyfriend jeans or just something more relaxed.

I ordered three different pairs from Next thinking that they would all get sent back. But here they are and I love them. All three pairs of them. They are all slightly different in style but all super casual and in a lighter blue wash which feels so perfect for spring. I know it sounds daft but I feel like they will give my wardrobe a whole new lease of life. And of course falling in love with all three of them is only a problem if Mr Mostly reads this. The chances of which I am hoping are really quite slim.

So here I am, back in love with jeans again. No doubt you will see them appear in awkward mirror selfies on Instagram in the coming weeks. Happy Wednesday folks!

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2 thoughts on “What I Wore: The denim edit

  1. susankmann says:

    Jeans really are the hardest thing to buy. There are none that fit quite right, then you can go back and get them again. Like you I have fallen out of love with denim. I have high waisted skinnies I like, but nothing special x


  2. welliesontheschoolrun says:

    I wear jeans a lot but after having a massive clear out lately, and getting rid of a load I never wore, I realised I was rotating mainly the same two or three pairs most days. I’ve managed to find one new pair I like from Topshop but still find jeans shopping incredibly difficult. Glad you’ve found some you love. It’s great when that happens 🙂 x


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