Back to school (already?!)

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I have to admit that the Easter holidays crept up on me this year. March seemed to fly by in a bit of a blur and before I knew it, they were breaking up from school for Easter. I think it was because it felt like they broke up so early, having the two weeks off before Easter. I must admit that I much prefer it when the holidays fall with the long bank holiday weekend in the middle rather than at the end. I know it can’t be helped, it is just how it falls with Easter being quite late this year but when they finished school, it didn’t quite feel like Easter yet and now no sooner is the bank holiday over than they are off back to school. It doesn’t feel right somehow.

We’ve had a lovely couple of weeks though even if they have gone too fast. Always the way though, huh? The weather has been mostly miserable to be honest it has been blummin’ freezing. Not that that got in our way of course. We’re from Yorkshire so it takes more than the weather to stop us from enjoying a school holiday. The one thing that I love about them being at home for a fortnight is that you have enough time to plan a good mix a big days out and small; and still have those all important days at home just to be as well. Sometimes there is nothing better than just hanging out together at home eating crumpets and watching a movie. Life gets so busy.

Happy Easter - bunny rabbit crumpets - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

The thing with having a big family is that it can be hard to keep everyone happy all of the time. Throw into the mix the huge age gaps we have and it can sometimes feel like mission impossible but we bumble along and make the best of it somehow. With every passing holiday, there seems to be an extra challenge though the older they get. You see, they start to make plans of their own (how very dare they?!) and you have things like jobs, A-level revision, boyfriends and girlfriends to consider. As well as fitting in all of the boring (but essential) stuff like food shopping, mowing the lawn and orthodentist appointments.

This holiday saw Mr Mostly unexpectedly busy with his new business which is GREAT obviously and just meant that we had to pinch him whenever we could. My son of course works full time with his apprenticeship and it still feels strange going off for days out without him even after nearly a year but it just means that (his hangovers permitting) we made plans for us all on the weekends instead. My eldest daughter is in the middle of her A-level revision although she is seemingly taking it all in her stride for now but she has also got herself a new little part time job so we’ve had to fit in around that too. All things considered, it’s a wonder that any of us have been in the same place at any one time really?!

But looking back now I can honestly say that we’ve had a lovely couple of weeks. We’re really rather good at the whole lazy start thing these days (when we can!) And I have become an expert at last minute plans for days out should we all happen to be together at the same time. I’ll be sad to see them go back to school tomorrow. Nothing new there though. I love having them at home for the holidays. I’m trying to console myself with the fact that before I know it, the teen will be finishing school for exam leave and getting under my feet asking for fishfinger sandwiches around the clock and then in no time at all, summer will be here. Sigh. I’m wishing my life away!

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2 thoughts on “Back to school (already?!)

  1. welliesontheschoolrun says:

    Oh I know, holidays always go in so quickly! We still have a week left here as we finished later. So glad you’ve had a lovely holiday, but yes, really hope this ‘Spring’ weather improves soon! x


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