The one with the A-Levels

My poor daughter has two exams in one day today. Sociology and English Literature. Double whammy. My head would be absolutely exploding having to face two big exams in one day, it just doesn’t seem fair?! But she seems to be taking it pretty much in her stride. As she does. She’s an absolute trooper. She faces the same again next week then that’s it. Done. No more exams.

She has worked ridiculously hard for her A-Levels over the whole of the two years not just in the run up to her final exams. I know I have said it before but we are so ridiculously proud of her. She has worked her little socks off. Never once complaining about workloads she just cracks on with it. Her reports have been outstanding throughout the whole of sixth form and I have every confidence that come August, she will reap the rewards come results day. In the last few months in particular, she has just seems to have come on in leaps and bounds and reached a whole new level of self motivation. I’d like to say that she takes after me but I honestly can’t take any of the credit, it’s all her own hard work!

Good luck in your A-Level exams - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

I must admit that the run up to these exams have been fairly stress free. She has been deliberately vague about exam dates and how revision was going up until this last week but I trusted that this was because she felt she had it all in hand. This will be something like our fourth consecutive year of big exams between her and her big brother and I think we have found a rhythm. Well, as much as you ever can. I have never felt the need to be on her back about how revision was going, it felt right to take a bit of a step back this year. I have just let her get on with it, doing what she does best. But all the while keeping a close eye on her, if that makes sense?

There have definitely been some nerves this week as the exams grew closer though. I think that is only to be expected. Teenagers today are under so much pressure. I don’t think we give them nearly enough credit for how hard they work. Her little sisters have been under strict instructions not to be pests and we’ve all tiptoed around her when she has blown up over there being no food in the house. By no food in the house she actually means there is no crisps left and she has finished both tubs of the red pepper houmous. So I’ve quietly restocked both the crisps and houmous for a king’s ransom at the village Co-op along with sharing bags of Magic Stars that are absolutely not for sharing. Just for her.

I can’t believe that the end is in sight now, it seems to have really sneaked up on us? By this time next week, she will be a free agent with the whole of the summer ahead of her. Just the small matter of four exams to survive first. No biggy. She’s got this. My beautiful, clever, talented girl has so got this.

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog

3 thoughts on “The one with the A-Levels

  1. helenlouisechandler says:

    You sound like such a lovely mum! I vividly remember the trauma of my A-levels, even though it was half my life ago (and still have nightmares about them!), and my mum ensuring a constant supply of Dairy Milk in the house was what got me through. I will be following your nurturing example in ten years time…x

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  2. welliesontheschoolrun says:

    It sounds like your daughter is coping amazingly well with exam pressure – I still have nightmares in which I miss my finals at uni and that was almost 20 years ago! I’m sure she’ll do brilliantly with all the preparation she has been doing. Not long until she can enjoy her holidays and several weeks of fun! 🙂

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