The one with the spring in my step


It’s that time of the year when I happily jump out of bed to work out before the rest of the house wakes up. In winter, it’s nigh on impossible to separate me from my duvet but once the clocks bounce forward, I always get a bit more of a spring in my step and there’s nothing I like more than starting my day with exercising. It hasn’t always been that way if course. In the sleep deprived years when my children were little I would do anything to grab an extra minute (never mind an extra hour!) of sleep, it would not have entered my head to leap out of bed to work out. If and when they slept, I did too.

Way before the baby years, I didn’t do any exercise at all. I think awful PE lessons at school put me off I absolutely hated it! I was always the last to be picked for any team and made to feel completely useless. I know now of course that I wasn’t useless at all. Actually the problem was that I was as blind as a bat. This was pre contact lens years for me and I wasn’t allowed to wear my glasses for PE. I can laugh about it now but it does made you wonder how many people are put off exercise for life after bad experiences at school, doesn’t it?


Now though I realise that I just had to find the right exercise for me. And maybe not have a PE teacher laughing at me while I did it. No but seriously, I love the buzz that I get from working out these days. I’m not super fit by any means and I’m not about to run a marathon any time soon but as I turn forty, I actually feel the healthiest I have ever been. I love to mix things up with a bit of cardio, boxing or yoga. And I’m a sucker for a Davina DVD. Oh and I enjoy the silence of the house all to myself in the morning. Teenage me wouldn’t recognise middle aged me but it really does set me up for the day.


The lovely people over at Millet Sports wanted to make my morning workouts even more of a pleasure by sending me some snazzy new Nike trainers to review. I chose these gorgeous Nike Lunarglide 8 and I couldn’t be happier with them. They have a soft comfortable cushioning so perfect for running or cardio. The mesh upper makes them feel really lightweight too and they use super clever Flywire technology that wraps around the foot and locks it down for a secure feel and adaptive fit. I really like how light they feel but yet really supportive at the same time. And I’m not going to lie here, not only do they do the job with bells on but they look great while doing it too. There might not be anyone around to see me exercising at six in the morning but they make me feel and look the part. I love them!

P.S. I noticed that these (and lots more) Nike trainers are in the sale at the minute over at Millet Sports. These women’s Nike Lunarglide 8 running shoes have been reduced from £105 to £73 – that’s a whopping 30% saving!

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog

*I was sent these lovely new Nike trainers from the people at Millet Sports for the purpose of this review but all words, opinions and horrible memories of PE lessons are my own

10 thoughts on “The one with the spring in my step

  1. Molly says:

    Ooh these are lovely trainers! I wish my pair would sleep in past 5.30am so I could get a workout in before they wake up. So much nicer working out in the early morning before it gets too hot!


  2. ohprettycity says:

    I wasn’t really a fan of PE at school although I was pretty fit in my early teens it seems to have just gone downhill from then, if I took part in a team sport now I would probably be the last to be picked!
    Early morning workouts sound like a great idea, might give it a try 🤔


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