Come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo this summer

Come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo this summer - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

This year Chester Zoo are going to be holding special events that will be extra specially playful. You might remember that we went along to take a look for ourselves earlier this year and had a fantastic day learning to walk like an elephant and leap like a lemur! So we were over the moon to be invited back again this summer to take a look at the brand new PLAY! Base Camp.

Come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo this summer - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

PLAY! Base Camp is a fantastic new area nestled in between the lions and the komodo dragons. It has been given a whole new lease of life with the most incredible makeover and as we approached from the lion enclosure (always one of our favourites despite them being lazy bones much like our own cats! Ha!) there were beautiful lush gardens and lots of places to sit that led to the new play area. It really was a feast for the eyes with huts to play in and even a beach area with sand and a wooden boat but our favourite bit was without doubt the main park area. We were seriously wowed with just how fantastic it was.

Come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo this summer - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

There is a huge 30ft baobab tree slide which feels like it goes right up into the sky. My girls loved it I lost count of the number of times that they went up and down it! Then there is a big climbing area with ropes and nets and webs to get tangled up in. There are lower parts for younger children then higher ones for older more adventurous kids. We followed them around as they climbed like monkeys and I was half tempted to join in myself! Ha! Seriously though, it is a fantastic park you would never expect something of that great scale right there in the middle of the zoo.

Come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo this summer - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

It’s a really lovely set up and when we were there it was a sunny day in the start of the summer holidays so obviously it was very busy but I have to say that it was so big that it didn’t feel in the least bit crowded. We followed the kids around from the ground as they climbed up high and swung from the ropes and it is so big that there is room for everyone to play nicely. There are also lots of places to sit around the edges of the park and there is even a gift shop and cafe (with the most amazing ice-creams!) so it’s the perfect place to stop and enjoy for a while. For us it was the perfect break in our morning before going off to see the rest of the animals. We had a fantastic play there and will be back!

Come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo this summer - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

When we arrived at the zoo we were given a special PLAY! map which points out all the new play areas all over the zoo this year but you’ll find that you’ll spot the signs as you go along. As well as the amazing PLAY! Base Camp which really is worth making a beeline for, there are chances to play all over the zoo. Fancy balancing like a flamingo or following the butterfly path? Then you can do that and more!

Come and PLAY! at Chester Zoo this summer - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

We had such an incredible day – as we always do it has to be said. It is such a jam packed day out we absolutely love it! There were lots of animal babies to see this time which felt like such a treat. We saw baby giraffes, elephants, flamingoes, an orangutan cuddled up with her mummy but our favourite babies of all were the new black rhinos. Many of the animals at Chester Zoo are among the most exotic and endangered in the world. They work around the world to protect animals, plants and habitats from extinction and the black rhinos are breathtaking to see in person. Seeing the two new babies walking along with their mummies felt very special indeed it’s something I’ll never forget!

We had the best day and I can’t thank Chester Zoo enough for inviting us along to play again. You can find out more about PLAY! at Chester Zoo here from daily events to online games. 

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