The one with the exam results

The one with the exam results - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

So it was results day for us on Thursday. For the first year in a long time we only had one set of results to come. Previous years have seen us awaiting the results of a combination of GCSEs, AS and A levels. This year we only had A levels to contend with. Well, I say only they are of course arguably the hardest and most important exam results of them all.

My daughter has worked her socks off in the last year. Well actually that’s not fair, she has worked her socks off for the last fourteen years of school. We have never had to nag her to do homework, never had a bad school report. She has always put her all into everything she has done. We always tell all of our children that all we care about is if they have tried their hardest and we couldn’t be prouder of just how hard she has continually worked throughout the whole of school.

She sailed through her actual exams without any fuss and barely any stress. To be honest we just left her to it because she clearly had it all under control. There was no nattering about how much revision she was doing or any of that. She didn’t even blink when her biggest exams were both on the same day as each other, she just got on with it. She was a superstar.

So with her exams done and dusted she had finished school forever. It just sort of crept up without any official last day or any pomp and ceremony. It’s a funny old time really because they must feel like they are in a kind of limbo until they have those results in their hand. What was nice though was that she was invited back to school for an awards evening for the whole of the school in July. For the second year running, she won the highest award for art. I think it is safe to say that she is the darling of the art department, she has always been their star pupil and they are going to really miss her!

In the lead up to results day, my daughter was as cool as a cucumber. She knew that she couldn’t have worked any harder and also knew that no amount of worrying would change the outcome. Even on Thursday morning she was still as cool as anything. I think I was more nervous than her! Anyway off she trotted with her pals to pick up her results. We were sat at home waiting for her to call but she didn’t. It felt like the longest hour of our lives. When she came in she just quietly handed me the envelope with her results in. As I pulled out the piece of paper her tears started to fall and I couldn’t understand. The results I had in front of me were fantastic. But she was really disappointed with them. It broke my heart as she sobbed into my shoulder. I would have told her that her results were brilliant even if they weren’t because I’m her mummy and she will always be brilliant to me but the thing was that they were brilliant! 

Of course we scooped her up and gave her the biggest pep talk of her life. She was being far too hard on herself. Her results were more than enough to get on to the course she wants to do in September and that is all that matters. A levels are just a stepping stone to where she actually wants to be. All that matters is that they will take her there. It’s not that easy when all your hard work boils down to one scrap of paper though, is it? She expected higher grades in all three subjects. And do you know what? I actually think that shows great ambition and I love that about her. She believed that she could do better and was (rightly or wrongly) disappointed not to have done. I get that. Completely. But as a parent there is nothing quite as heartbreaking as seeing your child sobbing their heart out when they should be celebrating. It makes you realise just how much pressure our teenagers are under these days even when they are handling it well on the surface. We just needed her to understand that actually, even if they weren’t what she expected they were bloody brilliant! 

The one with the exam results - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

The initial disappointment has already began to wear off I’m glad to say. She’s still going to Leeds College of Art to do her foundation course. She’s still set to go on to do a degree in Fine Art a year after that. Her plans have not changed. Of course, these things always have a way of working themselves out even when you don’t get the results you need but the thing was there was nothing to work out! She had done enough to get to exactly where she wanted to be and thankfully she can now begin to see the bigger picture. That’s really all that matters.

We hand on heart could not be prouder. Of her results and just how hard she has worked. I’m so excited to see her go off to art school come September. It really will be a whole new chapter for her and I honestly think it will be the making of her. I’m also wondering just how many more holes will appear in her ears and just how pink her hair will get now she doesn’t have any school rules to ignore… Ha! I can’t wait! My heart feels like it could burst with pride right now!

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog

6 thoughts on “The one with the exam results

  1. susankmann says:

    Well done gorgeous girl. It is so difficult when you don’t get what your heart is set on, but like you’ve found it, it’s not the end of the world. A slight detour in the path with the same goal and you will rock it. Proud of you too twinny’s gorgeous big girl xx


  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Well done your girl. You must be very proud. Bless her for not getting the grades she wanted but it sounds like she did amazingly well! Good luck to her in the future. It sounds like she has the determination and passion to go far x


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