August 2017: This month I have mostly been reading

August 2017: This month I have mostly been reading - as seen on top UK lifestyle blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

Not surprisingly, it is another small pile of books this month. I know most people use the summer holidays as an excuse to catch up on their reading but it never quite happens like that for me! Ha!

Anyway first up this month we had Under The Sun by Lottie Moggach. I have been cyber stalking Lottie Moggach for months now (in the nicest possible way) waiting for the release of her second book. I told myself that I would wait for the paperback edition but who was I kidding. I caved and bought the hardback. I absolutely loved her first book Kiss Me First and if you haven’t read it already, then you must! This book is completely different but I absolutely loved it. She is such a cracking storyteller I just can’t get enough of her. It is set in Spain and ‘living the dream’ soon becomes a living nightmare. It’s funny because even though it is set in what I’m guessing is a fictitious town, it is a side of Spain that I know all too well because my in-laws have just made their own long-awaited escape! Anyway I loved it. Plenty of intrigue to keep you guessing but at the heart of the story really are exceptionally cleverly written characters.

Next we had Not Working by Lisa Owens which was proper laugh out loud funny. Mr Mostly was like, what on earth are you reading?! I drove him mad chuckling away to myself! Ha! Our protagonist Claire walks out of her job in a what-on-earth-am-I-doing-with-my-life moment. She has no idea what she should do next but she’s quite sure the answer must be out there somewhere. I had all the feels for Claire. She made me laugh, cry and cringe in equal measure. It felt like such a breath of fresh air I absolutely loved every minute of this book. It doesn’t seem fair to compare books but I don’t remember feeling so fondly about a character since I fell in love with Becky Bloomwood back in 2000 (before the Shopaholic series hadn’t been turned into a godawful movie and there weren’t one too many books!) It’s a lighthearted read but not mindless fluff by any means. It’s actually really cleverly written with blistering acute observations of modern life.

And last but by no means least we had The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. Now if Instagram is anything to go by, this book has been on every other sun lounger across the globe this summer! I have to say that I can see why it has been such a huge hit despite the fact that I didn’t love it. It is no exaggeration to say that practically every chapter ends with another twist. I quickly realised that I just had to enjoy it for what it was – a best selling page turner – and gave up second guessing what would possibly happen next. In my mind, I saw this as a straight to tv movie where the sets were a bit wobbly and in every other scene the actors turn to the camera and say ‘plot twist’ with a smile that Joey Tribbiani would be proud of. It was utter nonsense. But in a strangely compelling way.

Right now I am actually reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood but I am only about halfway through so it didn’t make this month’s pile. I am absolutely loving it so far but more on that next month! So, what have you been reading this summer? Let me know either here in the comments or over on Instagram where you will find me as @BySarahMostly or you can search under #mostlyreading 

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3 thoughts on “August 2017: This month I have mostly been reading

  1. welliesontheschoolrun says:

    Sounds like a good month of books Sarah, I have heard a lot about The Couple Next Door, so I must admit I’m curious! I’m reading the Blackhouse by Peter May just now and after that I plan to move on to The Power:) I don’t think I have ever read The Handmaid’s Tale, I see a lot of people on Instagram saying they read it for A Levels but I don’t think it was on the Scottish curriculum – in my day at least!. Having heard such a lot about it with the TV series recently I think I’ll really have to put it on my list! x


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