The one with the last day of summer

A family day out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

Yesterday was our last day of summer before everyone gradually trickles back to school, uni or work this week. It feels like a gentler start having everyone go back on a different day rather than losing them all in one fell swoop. Mr Mostly took the day off work so we could have one last hurrah and quite by chance, both of the teens were at home too. I can probably count on one hand the number of days out we’ve had as a family of six this summer so it was lovely for us to spend this one last day of summer together. We only went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a wander and a picnic so it wasn’t anything special but it certainly felt special to me.

A family day out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

Between Mr Mostly working far too hard and the teens having lives of their own, what with work and play, it is not often that we are all in the same place at the same time anymore. But when we are, I love that the teens still happily come along on our lame days out. At nineteen and eighteen, we certainly couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) make them but I think it’s quite sweet that they still want to of their own free will. And on the promise of an ice cream of course. That still has the same lure at nineteen as it did at nine it seems.

A family day out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog

I remember when they reached those older trickier teen years thinking every day out might be our last. Don’t get me wrong, it might not happen as often but when it does it is just as lovely. I’m not going to lie though, it does feel strange when we are not all together. More and more it is just the four of us going out and it feels so strange to be a ‘small’ family. I am used to making enough sandwiches to feed an army, coffee shop stops that cost more than a meal out for some families and doing a head count every five minutes. But life is ever changing of course that’s just how it is now. We can’t not go out because we are not all there, it just wouldn’t be fair on the little two. I just have to get used to how easy life has suddenly become now they are all older. I keep telling myself that this is the reward for surviving the more frazzled years! Ha!

A family day out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog


This summer has felt like a particularly busy one and seems to have flown by. I still feel like we were diddled out of a week with us breaking up on a Wednesday when everyone else seemed to have finished at least the Friday before if not earlier. We had just shy of six weeks off and on one hand I don’t feel like we have fitted a lot in, but then I look through my camera roll at the hundreds of photos I’ve taken and realise that actually, this summer has been a ball. And the six of us having a day out yesterday? Well that just felt like the cherry on the cake.

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