Barbie DreamHorse up for review

Barbie DreamHorse up for review as seen on top UK parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

It is no secret that we are the biggest Barbie fans ever so you can imagine our excitement when our lovely chums over at Mattel asked us to review the brand new Barbie DreamHorse here on my blog.

We already have several Barbie horses (to go with our army of dolls) so I was interested to see what my daughter thought of it. I have to confess that my first thought was that it would maybe just be another horse, how different can they be? But this is where I put my hands up and say that I couldn’t have been more wrong, the new DreamHorse toy really is the most interactive Barbie horse yet and features more than 30 realistic reactions.

Barbie DreamHorse up for review as seen on top UK parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

The DreamHorse comes complete with batteries (yay!) so is ready to play with as soon as you get it out of the box. It reacts to touch and sound and has so many different features that it is definitely worth taking a proper look at the instruction booklet to begin with just so you don’t miss any of the amazing features. It is really easy to use though and really quite intuitive. My daughters are that bit older at nine and eleven and this toy is recommended for ages three and above which I would say is spot on. It would be easy for even the youngest of kids to play with we love it.

Barbie DreamHorse up for review as seen on top UK parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

To make the DreamHorse walk you give it a pat on the bottom and off it trots. If you make a sound on one side, the horse will walk in that direction. It can even turn 360° going round in circles it is so clever. Then you simply press the button on the mane to make it stop. The DreamHorse works best on hard flat surfaces but manages well on low pile carpets too. We’ve had the odd tumble when it has been doing more energetic trotting and spinning moves but overall it stands up really well we’ve found.

Barbie DreamHorse up for review as seen on top UK parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

As you can see, the set comes complete with Barbie who is dressed up in her riding gear complete with a snazzy helmet and boots. It’s worth noting though that the way the horse is designed, any regular Barbie with poseable arms and legs can ride on the horse too. There is a clip to hold her steady at the waist and the dolls hands and feet slip into the reins and stirrups. Of course, I am speaking from experience. Our Doctor Barbie rode the DreamHorse to the hospital when she was running late the other day. It’s all go here!

Barbie DreamHorse up for review as seen on top UK parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

One feature that my daughter really loves is that the horse can nuzzle. You can stroke the side of its head and offer the carrots and it nuzzles away making real horse sounds. It comes with a brush too so you can groom its hair. Again, this is something that my daughter loves to do with her toy horses (and Barbies!) I love that this all singing and dancing toy can also be enjoyed in the simplest of ways.

And when I say all singing and dancing, I mean all singing and dancing too! The best feature of all has to be the fun mode which you enter with a click of a button on the saddle blanket. The DreamHorse plays music and dances along – yes really dances! I told you this horse was quite unlike any other! Again even in the fun mode you can touch its bottom to make it move. So touch it in the centre to trot forwards as it dances to the music or to the left or right. It responds to your voice too so you can even ask it questions. If you ask it something from its left side it shakes its head no. Or if you ask it something from its right side it nods its head yes. It is so clever! And so much fun!

Barbie DreamHorse up for review as seen on top UK parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy


We have had so much fun playing with the Barbie DreamHorse we love it. I think it’s great that it comes complete with a Barbie doll and I can’t believe how many fun things it can do. We love the horsey sounds it makes and the fun mode with the music and dancing is fantastic. I just love how it sparks my daughter’s imagination, she has had hours of play with it already. It is priced at £99.99 which I know isn’t cheap but you do get an awful lot of toy for your pennies here so I would say that it is worth it. The tech behind the DreamHorse is so clever. It really does react to your child’s touch and voice, there are so many cool features to play with. I hate to mention the ‘C’ word this early in the year but I can’t help but think what a perfect Christmas gift this would make for any Barbie fan this year. We absolutely love it and can’t recommend it enough!

Barbie DreamHorse is available in all good toy shops now RRP £99.99 or you can find out more by visiting 

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog

*For the purpose of this review I was kindly provided with a press sample of the new Barbie DreamHorse from Mattel but all words and opinions are my own. I would never recommend a toy that we didn’t hand on heart truly love (and we hand on heart truly love Barbie DreamHorse!) 

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