October 2017: This month I have mostly been reading

October 2017: This month I have mostly been reading - (Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog)

A day late (sorry!) but here are the books that I read in October. I can hardly believe that we are in November already but never mind. There are quite a few ‘small’ books in my pile this month which probably tells you where my brain has been at this month but sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down and reading a book from cover to cover, is there?

Anyway, first up we have The Man With The Dancing Eyes by Sophie Dahl which is one of my very favourite comfort reads and a book that I go back to time and time again. It is essentially a picture book for grown-ups with the most beautiful illustrations by Annie Morris. A real feast for the eyes and the most charming story which is I suppose an old fashioned romance set in a modern day world. I absolutely love it. And I only wish that she would write more. I think us grown-ups could do with a bit more magic in the world now more than ever.

Next was The Muse by Jessie Burton which is without a doubt one of the best books I have read so far this year. It has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time now. I’ve been saving it for a time when I needed a good book, if that makes sense? And that time was this month and it did not disappoint. I was a huge fan of Burton’s debut novel The Miniaturist and have loved following her huge and most deserved success over the last couple of years. For me though, The Muse is in a whole league of its own. She has an extraordinary storytelling talent and I could not put this down. It is one of those books where I am still thinking about it weeks after finishing it. If you haven’t read this or The Miniaturist yet then you must.

Then we had The Sun And Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. I actually bought this for my teenager and made the mistake of taking a quick peek for myself having loved Milk & Honey and of course I ended up reading it from cover to cover. I always struggled with poetry at school, never quite getting it and writing myself off as being too thick to understand any of it. Of course, I was just being force fed all the wrong poetry and my new found love of Rupi Kaur makes me realise that it is something that I really should explore more. I’ve never read anything so raw and full of emotion she is just incredible. I’m sure I will be back to pinch it from my teen to reread it again and again.

Next was Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller which wasn’t the easiest of reads but man alive it was good. I was completely sucked in from the very first page. It is about a little girl who is taken to live in a remote forest with her father and he tells her that her mother and the world are gone. They struggle to scratch a living from the earth and it is strangely charming to read but at the same time, you are left questioning the bigger picture of what happens when you stop believing in everything and become lost from the world. It treads that fine line between charming and sinister which for me was a gripping combination. I’d definitely recommend it if you are looking for a dark read.

And last of all we have A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler which is exactly that. A whole life wrapped up in this one little book. It is hard to say whether the main character whose life we follow or the mountains where he lives are the star of this book, the two are so closely intertwined. It is set in the middle of the twentieth century and it made me really think about just how much change people saw during that short time in history. And actually, how the most ordinary of lives can be an adventure. It is a lovely gentle read I really enjoyed it.

So that was me, what have you been reading lately? Any other little gems that you want to share? As always you can leave me a comment here or find me talking all things books under #mostlyreading on Instagram.

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog

3 thoughts on “October 2017: This month I have mostly been reading

  1. welliesontheschoolrun says:

    Love these round ups Sarah – I think I’ll have to add The Muse and The Miniaturist to my list 🙂 I’ve just recently read Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey – it was really powerful. Yes, definitely not the kind of poetry we were treated to in school! x


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