The one with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

New Olaf's Frozen Adventure toys as seen on top UK blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

This month sees the release of Disney’s latest short film, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and we were very lucky to be sent the latest toys as we are very proud be be working with Hasbro* as part of their Toy Tribe. My children think that I have the best job in the world ever… and I would have to agree with them! Ha! I thought it would be easier to include all three toys together in one review so you can see the whole collection for yourself so here goes!

Disney Frozen Play-A-Melody Gown up for review

First of all we have the Disney Frozen Play-a-Melody Gown doll which is priced at £34.99. Elsa’s snowflake gown doubles as a keyboard and there are three ways to play music. It can play the hit song ‘Let It Go’, you can follow the lights on the dress to play along with the song or you can create your own melodies. It includes batteries (which is always a bonus!) so you are off playing straight away.

Disney Frozen Play-A-Melody Gown up for review

Disney Frozen Play-A-Melody Gown up for review

Elsa’s dress is beautiful but it also functions like a keyboard and as the music plays, the snowflakes on the dress light up and you can follow them to play along with the music. It is really easy to follow and the sound quality is great. We especially loved that it had the choice to play the music three ways as well as being a lovely doll. Even though Elsa has a ‘keyboard’ hidden under her gown, she can still be played with as a doll too. So really it is four toys in one.

Disney Snacktime Surprise Olaf up for review

Next we have the Disney Snacktime Surprise Olaf which is priced at £26.99 and as you can see it is quite a large figure and again this also includes the all important batteries. In the new short film Olaf tries to enjoy holiday treats like his friends but they just slide right out. We haven’t seen the new film yet but I’m guessing this is as funny as him loving all things summer in the original Frozen film? Ha! Oh we do love Olaf!

Disney Snacktime Surprise Olaf up for review

Disney Snacktime Surprise Olaf up for review

Inspired by Olaf’s Frozen Adventure when you feed him snacks they slide out of the other side. It comes with yummy pretend snacks and when you feed him he says phrases and makes sound effects. My daughter absolutely loved this it had her in fits of giggles.

Disney Frozen Musical Elsa up for review

And last but by no means least we have the Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Musical Elsa which is priced at £31.99. With a press of a button she plays the new melody ‘When We’re Together’ and again the batteries are included. The song is all about the joy of celebrating the holidays together and is every bit as catchy as Let It Go it has to be said! That Elsa really can belt out a tune, can’t she?

Disney Frozen Musical Elsa up for review

Disney Frozen Musical Elsa up for review

This is such a beautiful doll though. She is wearing the most amazing flowing gown and matching cape with the sparkliest of shoes. My daughter absolutely loved her and we are dying to see the new short film now. Although it has to be said that even though we don’t know the story of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (yet!) we still had lots of fun with all of these toys making up our own frozen adventures.

This winter you too can enter the enchanting world of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure with this new collection of figures and playsets from Hasbro. The playsets shown here are available now in all good toy shops.

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog

*We are proud to work with Hasbro as part of their Toy Tribe and for the purpose of this review we were kindly provided with the new Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure toys shown but all words, opinions and frozen adventures here are our own 

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