The one with the Christmas tree

Christmas Tree (Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog)So this might have happened yesterday…

I’m normally the first one muttering about peaking too soon when people go full on Christmas come 1st December. Honestly I don’t know what has got into me this is ridiculously early for us. 

I’m normally all about the slow build up. In fact I normally love the slow build up. The beginning of December means the opening of advent calendars and putting a wreath on the front door. We don’t have a fixed date for putting up the tree but it’s usually at least half way through December. I like that build up of excitement when little bits of Christmas start to appear around the house; a Nutcracker here, a Santa hat wearing flamingo there. I like to look forward to Christmas Tree Buying Day and at some point we synchronise diaries and work out when is best to go and buy one. But this year all of that has gone out of the window and I’m sat here typing this admiring my six foot Nordmann Fir. 

It was totally unplanned. I saw an advert on tv for fairy lights for £5 in Homebase and we called in to buy them knowing that they would soon disappear at that price. One of the down sides of not (normally!) decorating until later in December is that everyone else has snapped everything up before you get the chance to. Our fairy lights went pop a couple of years ago I completely forgot until it was time to put the tree up again last year. Everywhere had sold out of the lights we wanted by the time we bought our tree so we had to make do with a tiny string of lights from something else. So when I saw the advert for the bargain lights I was determined to get them quick. There we were in Homebase with our 100 string of lights, no missing out on twinkly gorgeousness for our tree this year. So I said let’s go and look at the trees while we are here, just intending to make a mental note of what they had. I had no intention of actually buying a tree that day, it was only 4th December for goodness sake! 

But there it was. 

Stood there in all its perfect glory. 

You know when you find The One? Well this is The One. We umm-ed and ahh-ed for all of two seconds then Mr Mostly hoisted it up on his shoulder. When we got it to the checkout the assistant said that they only ever get one delivery of trees so when they’re gone, they’re gone. This of course only cemented the view that we couldn’t let The One get away. It was also one of two of the £12 trees left. Yes, £12 for a six foot Nordmann Fir?! It’s an amazing offer and I can’t help but be chuffed with saving at least £50 if not more. I’ve seen trees in triple figures before now. More money for mince pies and Lindt reindeers, right? What’s not to love? This beautiful real tree plus lights and I got change from £20! 

When we got home we both pretended to be sensible and talked about leaving it in the garden for now because it is a bit early… But we soon thought stuff it, and in the living room it went! My eleven year old actually screamed when she saw it when she came in from school. She’s very much my little mini me and has been brainwashed into doing Christmas ‘properly’ over the years and scoffs at people decorating too soon. But it’s such a beauty that even she had to give in to starting Christmas way too early this year. Ha! 

What did make me smile though was when I checked Timehop last night, it seems that we caved and bought a tree this early seven years ago too. I’m trying to remember if that was also the year that the tree didn’t live until the big day? But I’m trying not to dwell on that too much. (It totally was that year wasn’t it? Oh god it must have been?!) 

Anyway, maybe it is something to do with how Christmas falls this year that it just feels right. The kids finish school in less than two weeks and all the festive stuff is in full swing with a concert last week, Christmas jumper day and the school fair this week, the nativities, secret Santa gift, parties and all the other stuff to fit in next week. I think what I’m trying to say is that yes, it is early. Especially early for us. But I’m not sorry. Not one bit. Bring on the decorating! Ho ho ho! 

3 thoughts on “The one with the Christmas tree

  1. susankmann says:

    I bet it’s beautiful and I don’t think it matters, there is so much going on it’s nice to see it up. We do it a little earlier with the birthday planning. Can’t wait to see your tree twinny x


  2. helenlouisechandler says:

    I was always very much of your way of thinking. But 3 years ago I was due to pop with baby #2 any minute (so it felt), and I was determined to get everything totally ready for Christmas in advance so that I didn’t have to try and decorate the tree/wrap presents/bake mince pies while holding a newborn, but that my then 5 year old didn’t miss out. We put the tree up on, gulp, 29th November! But actually we all loved it, and have done it first weekend in December ever since. Eldest loves coming home from school to see the lights twinkling out, and I love doing all my wrapping and card writing in front of it. Enjoy your six foot beauty! x


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