The Phoenix weekly story comic up for review (and a discount code just for you!)


The Phoenix - The Weekly Story Comic For Kids as reviewed on top parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

The Phoenix is a weekly story comic for children and it has been such a huge hit with my youngest daughter. It is so different from the kind of kids magazines that she would normally buy and quite honestly, a breath of fresh air. I think I have been enjoying it just as much as her to be honest! It reminds me so much of the kind of proper comics I used to read when I was little!

The Phoenix is a weekly comic that is sent through the post and it is such a little thing but my daughter loves that it is addressed to her. Is there anything more exciting than a big envelope addressed just to you when you are nine? Well, maybe the contents! Off she dashes to the letter box every Friday morning to open it up!

The Phoenix - The Weekly Story Comic For Kids as reviewed on top parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

In each issue there is a range of different stories. One or two are serialised over a couple of weeks which means that they are much more in depth than you might expect for a comic. One of the current serials my daughter is reading is from Tales from HQ called ‘Christmas is Cancelled’ and it leaves her gasping for more each week. It is the first thing she flicks to when the new issue arrives she absolutely loves it.

The Phoenix is 32 pages long which feels just right for a weekly comic. Not too small but not too long that you wouldn’t make your way through it each week. My daughter had problems with her speech as a nipper which led to difficulties in her learning to read and obviously we have always had to find that balance of encouraging her to read as much as we can to catch up but without it ever feeling like a chore. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to see her so excited about reading The Phoenix. So I would say that it is brilliant for even the more reluctant readers out there. (That said, my bookworm eleven year old daughter loves it too and waits for her little sister to finish it so she can get her mitts on it!)

The Phoenix - The Weekly Story Comic For Kids as reviewed on top parenting blog Mostly Yummy Mummy

As well as the weekly serials, there are also stand alone funny comics. It really is packed full of stories and great for dipping in and out of, as a comic should be. There are plenty of non-fiction pieces too but always told in an interesting way plus great interviews, tutorials, competitions, puzzles and more. It is jam packed and I love that it is a bit different every week but yet always feels like a really great balance. Most of the readers are aged between 6 and 12 but I should imagine that there are many younger and older readers too.

The Phoenix comic can be bought as a gift on subscription for either 6 or 12 months and it could be yours (theirs?!) in time for Christmas. I am delighted to say that they have given me a discount code to share with my readers *drumroll please* Please enter code MOSTLY10 at the checkout to receive 10% off gift subscriptions and this will remain valid until 24th December 2017. What could be better than a gift that keeps on giving every week?

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog

*For the purpose of this review I was very kindly provided with a subscription to The Phoenix comic for my daughter but we would only ever recommend a product or service like this that we hand on heart truly love (and we hand on heart truly love The Phoenix!) 

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