The one with DreamWorks Trolls

We are very proud to be working with Hasbro* as part of their Toy Tribe which means that we get to try out the latest toys each month. Obviously this is a task that my children are more than happy to help me out with! This month we were sent some DreamWorks Trolls goodies to play with. I haven’t actually seen the film yet myself but my daughter has and she is a huge fan so she was a big bit excited to get her mitts on these!

DreamWorks Trolls POD'ular Troll Tree up for review


First up is the DreamWorks Trolls POD’ular Troll Tree which is priced around £40. As you can see it is a huge set and you get to build your own Troll Tree. It comes with various pods that you can move around and hang from the tree to create your own magical village. The main pod comes with a lounge area inside plus there are is a table and chair toadstool set. The pods simply hook on so it is really easy to use. My daughter loved setting up the different pods.

DreamWorks Trolls POD'ular Troll Tree up for review


DreamWorks Trolls POD'ular Troll Tree up for review

The tree itself has secret compartments and a hidden chute in the trunk. There are different levels for your troll to climb and play on too. But best of all is the zip wire that goes from the top of the tree down to the bottom. You just clip on the troll and off she goes! The set comes complete with the Poppy figure shown and my daughter was a little disappointed that it only came with one troll but I have had a look and you can buy other figures separately. That is something to maybe keep in mind if you were buying this as a gift. The Troll Tree is fantastic don’t get me wrong but my daughter did mention that it would be more fun with more figures to play with as the set is so big. She is planning to spend her birthday pennies on more troll friends!

DreamWorks Trolls POD'ular Troll Tree up for review

Despite her tiny (and very fixable) grumble I have to say that this set has been a huge hit with my daughter. She plays for ages setting up the different pods then playing with the troll in the tree and on the zipwire. I love watching her with it as it seems to really capture her imagination. I would definitely say that it is good value for money given the size and quality of the set and I think it’s great that the Poppy figure is included. I actually like the idea of being able to add to the set with other troll figures over time.

DreamWorks Trolls POD'ular Troll Tree up for review

Now next up we have the DreamWorks Trolls Hair in the Air Poppy doll which is priced around £35 (it comes complete with batteries which is always a bonus of course!) Poppy has the most amazing hair that can be twisted and styled to create lots of hairstyles. The hair alone is 35cm long to give you an idea of the size of this doll it’s brilliant!

DreamWorks Trolls Hair in the Air Poppy up for review

As you brush and style Poppy’s hair it activates the lights and sounds my daughter absolutely loves it. The long pink hair can be combed and twisted into all sorts of styles. There is a button on her gown too that can be pressed to set off the twinkling lights and sound effects.

DreamWorks Trolls Hair in the Air Poppy up for review

It was quite tricky to capture a good photo of the doll in action as you might expect but it really is great fun. The set comes complete with a comb and tiara for Poppy too. A must have for any Trolls fan I would say my daughter thinks it is great.

The Dreamworks Trolls playsets shown are available now in all good toy shops.


*We work with Hasbro as part of their Toy Tribe blogger panel. We were very kindly sent the DreamWorks Trolls toys shown here free of charge in return for this honest review. 

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