Oh my darling, Clementine

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If you already follow me on Instagram then it can’t possibly have escaped your attention that this little bundle of fluff joined our family at Christmastime but I thought it was about time that I formally introduced her here on my blog. Meet my darling Clementine.

She is nearly six months old now and it feels like she is growing by the day but when she first arrived she could fit on one hand. She was the runt of her litter and the breeder wanted to be certain that she was going to a good home (which of course she has – we couldn’t love her more!) Teeny tiny thing she was and now she is like a gangly teenager, all ribs and legs! My Dad plotted with Mr Mostly and my eldest daughter for weeks about getting her for me – I didn’t know a thing about it until Christmas Eve when he handed her over in a box! I still to this day don’t know how everyone kept it a secret for so long?!

Mostly Yummy Mummy top UK family and lifestyle blog

I suppose if I’m being honest my love of Siamese cats first came from watching The Lady and the Tramp with my little brother more times than I can count as a kid. We are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please! Trust me to love the baddies, right? Ha! And my Dad and Stepmum have had two beautiful Siamese cats over the years so my love for them only grew. So to have one all of my own is just a dream come true. It was the biggest and best surprise ever when I opened that box and saw her little face. Because she came to us at Christmas she needed a suitably festive name of course. Santa Claws and The Baby Jesus were in the offing (thanks kids!) but in the end we (I!) decided to call her Clementine.

Mostly Yummy Mummy top UK family and lifestyle blog

We kept her away from our other two cats at first so she could get to know her new home but they soon discovered her and it is fair to say that the pair of them sulked for a few days. Duchess is such a grumpy old lady now and she still gives her the odd hiss but by in large I would say she is mildly indifferent which is as good as it gets really. Duchess doesn’t really like anyone or anything she is such a character! Fat Elvis though has been much more welcoming and the pair of them have become the most unlikeliest of friends. They happily share food from each others bowls, will sleep next to each other and even play chase if Elvis is feeling particularly energetic. That doesn’t happen all that often though. There is only a very small window of time in any day when Elvis stays awake long enough to do anything but sleep. Clementine loves the pair of them though! She follows them around constantly and is a complete pest but I think they get that this funny looking thing who talks a lot isn’t going anywhere! Ha!

Mostly Yummy Mummy top UK family and lifestyle blog


As for me, well I can’t remember a time when Clementine wasn’t permanently attached to my shoulder/arm/lap/back. She has the biggest personality for such a tiny little cat and I love her to bits. She follows me everywhere, like, proper stalks me. If I get in the shower, I’ll find her asleep on my towel when I get out. If I’m in the fridge, I’ll find her helpfully closing it while my nose is still in it. If I’m walking down the stairs, she sees it as a challenge to beat me to the bottom preferably by tripping me up on the way. If anything gets in the way of me giving my undivided attention, she’ll basically eat it. Whether that’s a book, the iron, the Dyson… even the most mundane of tasks have suddenly become an extreme sport with added teeth and claws.

I’m quickly learning that life with a Siamese is never without peril. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. This darling little cat has made me one step closer to reaching full on crazy cat lady status. Kitten smitten.


5 thoughts on “Oh my darling, Clementine

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    She’s beautiful and I absolutely love the photo of her on your shoulder. What an amazing surprise!


  2. Sian - Home at Four says:

    Hello Clementine! She’s cutie! Siamese have such characters. My mum had one called Eustace and he was constantly draped over her shoulder. He was so small but definitely ruled the house!


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