The one where I have nothing to wear

The one where I have nothing to wear by Mostly Yummy Mummy

You know when you have one of those days where you just have nothing to wear? Well pretty much every day feels like that for me right now. The minute I wrote that down I was reminded of the Caitlin Moran quote from How To Be A Woman that goes along the lines of when a woman says she has nothing to wear, what she really means is that there is nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today. And as ever I think she is bang on the money.

I’ve started working a couple of days a week and that involves leaving the house and conversing with real live humans (big and small) which means on those days I have to be dressed appropriately. I know according to The Fashion Rules we are supposed to pooh-pooh the idea of appropriate dressing and wear whatever we want but actually, practicalities dictate that I can’t wear whatever I want and it wasn’t until I had to dress sensibly that I realised that I don’t have very many sensible clothes. So I have resorted to a uniform of chinos and breton stripes. To be fair, stripes are always a good idea but week in, week out? I’m getting a little bored. The whole smart casual thing is such a minefield.

Anyway, on the days that I don’t work I am free to wear whatever I want of course and you would think that I would embrace that and erm, wear whatever I want. But no. I still find myself stood there staring into the wardrobe hoping that something will jump out and say wear me, wear me! It doesn’t though. I have bought a couple of lovely broderie anglaise shirts in the last week or two. The one in the picture here was a Primark find and I have another one from La Redoute that’s even prettier but it is in the wash so you will have to use your imagination. The only problem with the pretty white shirt thing though is me. I swear I am clumsier than a child and struggle to even drink a coffee without spilling it down myself. And then of course there is the peril of flouncy sleeves getting trapped in doors and how on earth am I supposed to squish them inside a coat? Because even though it is May the weather isn’t yet in double figures. Highs of six degrees today folks  s i x  d e g r e e s  *weeps*

Maybe the problem is that I am rubbish at dressing for spring. And autumn too come to think of it. In winter I wear dresses and opaques. In summer I wear dresses with legs. And those in between seasons? Well I’m never quite sure what to wear which is unfortunate considering they are possibly the longest seasons of all. My summer dresses keep teasing at me every time I open the wardrobe door saying oooh look at our ditsy floral prints and floaty gorgeousness and then I look out of the window and see the grey/rain/hail/wind and daren’t even flash so much as an ankle never mind a whole leg. But despite the awful weather I can’t bring myself to wear winter dresses either. This is partly because I am sick of the sight of them after wearing them on rotation for eight months but mostly because donning opaques in May just seems wrong diddly wrong even when it is bloody freezing.

So basically that leaves me where I started this post, with nothing to wear.


2 thoughts on “The one where I have nothing to wear

  1. welliesontheschoolrun says:

    I feel your pain Sarah, I too seem to be in need of a wardrobe overhaul! It looks like you’re making good progress though – that top is really nice! The changeable weather makes things difficult doesn’t it? Just looking at the strappy dresses in the shops just now makes me feel cold! Oh, and exciting about new job! xx


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