(366 project)

Welcome to my 366 Project.. A photo a day for a whole leap year..

You can follow the whole project over on my other blog (mostly) a photo a day for a whole leap year because sometimes one blog is just not enough.






4 thoughts on “(366 project)

  1. alexcellent2012 says:

    Oh I love this idea – both the photo a day and also setting up a unique blog for it. I have thought about doing something similar. I just discovered your blog literally a minute ago and first thoughts are, I love the subject matter and how pretty it looks! will be back to read more…


  2. alexcellent2012 says:

    Just realised it was from 2012 – but that’s OK, still inspired by the concept. I too believe there’s something good in everyday (mostly!). I think it’s a great project to do to build gratitude. I think I might try something similar this year. So thanks for the inspiration.:)


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      My absolute pleasure! It’s such a lovely project to look back on and something that I will definitely do again. You must let me know if you do try something similar I would love to take a look 🙂


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