And then there was one

Back to school with Mostly Yummy Mummy blog

Our poor nine year old was the first to go back to school yesterday. I felt so sorry for her. It’s never easy going back after six weeks of fun but it must really sting knowing everyone else is still at home?!

Getting up at seven in the morning felt like the middle of the night for starters. We had fully embraced the whole lazy mornings thing over the summer. What really didn’t help though was that it was pouring with rain outside and still dark. It felt like summer had disappeared overnight. Sigh. But off we trotted in the rain in her shiny new shoes and slightly too big hand me down cardigans from her sister. Oh the joys of being the youngest of four!

This September really is all change for us as a family with all four children at completely different stages. My eldest is now working full-time (although he has a well deserved weeks holiday right now) my eldest daughter is about to start university, our eleven year old goes up to secondary school and that just leaves our nine year old at primary school. For the first time ever she is going to be in school all on her own with no big sister to look out for at playtime and nobody to swap yoghurts with at lunch. As the baby of the family, she has always followed in her older sibling’s footsteps. But now it is just her left at primary school. It feels strange to me so it must feel even stranger for her. She’ll be fine. I’m not worried one bit. It will just take some getting used to that’s all.

She came bumbling out at hometime with her hands full of envelopes despite having a backpack as big as her. Always the last out of course. Her plaits had come loose and she was tripping over her unfastened laces gossiping ten to the dozen like she hadn’t seen us for a hundred years. The minute she saw the giant chocolate coin we had bought her from Caffe Nero all was forgiven. She quickly forgot about the unfairness of her facing a day of toil while we were still technically on holiday without her. Man I love the bones of this kid.

By Sarah Mostly - Mostly Yummy Mummy Blog - UK family and lifestyle blog