What I learnt at Brit Mums Live

Walking into a room of 500 or so bloggers that I mostly didn’t recognise and who didn’t recognise me, was rather intimidating. Despite the fact that this was the third big blogging event that I have attended I must add. Maybe that’s just me, or maybe it was down to the atmosphere at The Brewery that day. Who knows.

The law of sod means that the three sessions that you really want to attend are on at the same time. And no, reading notes afterwards from those who were there, isn’t quite the same I’m afraid.

Getting to meet blogging friends old and new can be FABULOUS although unfortunately for me, I seem to have a knack for losing them as quickly as I find them.

Then of course there are all of those people at the top of my Bloggers That I Really Must Meet list that I never got to see. But experience has taught me that this is always the way at these blasted things.

Bags of swag are just as heavy and wasteful as they were at CyberMummy last year only this time, I had the sense to avoid them completely.

Not having some of your best blogging friends right there with you to hold your hand makes the conference thing feel like a whole different cliquey world that I don’t much like.

Free flowing prosecco makes talking to a complete stranger at the bar so much easier although it also means that I can’t actually remember her name. Sorry about that.

I’m a bit more of a feminist than I realised as I really did object to the whole naked waiter thing. Ugh. Although to be fair, it didn’t put me off enough to refuse the free booze. See above.

I probably shouldn’t have spent my time comparing this conference to Cybher, as nothing else was ever going to be that amazing to be fair, but I did. And no, Brit Mums Live didn’t even come close for me.

The lure to skip the conference altogether on the Saturday and go do the tourist thing in London instead was just too strong. I had such an AMAZING day by the way. I heart London.

I soon realised that Brit Mums Live probably wasn’t for me. I think you might have guessed that already. But it wouldn’t do for us all to like the same things, right?